Transforming buying and selling convenience and experience.

Decentralized many-to-many market network for retailers, brands, third party sellers, wholesalers, distributors, consumers and service providers.

About Bleexy

What is Bleexy?

  • A source of accurate product data content and reviews
  • Inventory and Supply chain management
  • Identity and reputation management for retailers and consumers
  • Decentralized marketplace
  • On-demand specialized marketplaces
  • Collaborative tools for service providers
  • Blockchain based ML and AI marketplace

Our solution

  • Creates trust between retailers using blockchain technology
  • Offers low selling, transaction and ad fees
  • Builds the biggest product data catalog
  • Preserves sales and customer data privacy
  • Enables seamless omnichannel integration for brick-and-mortar retailers
  • Brings transparency in the supply chain

Bleexy is a multi-sided platform that removes central authorities and costly friction in commerce by enabling businesses and consumers to transact directly using smart contracts, while ensuring the highest levels of privacy and security.

In our ecosystem, retailers, brands, 3rd party sellers, wholesalers and distributors operate independently, but collaborate securely with others to thrive long-term and to satisfy demanding customers who seek low prices, high quality, and fast delivery.

Bleexy is heavily inspired by blockchain systems but without the design choices that make traditional blockchains inappropriate for many financial transactions. Bleexy provides a framework to run smart contracts with these key activities and features:

  • Recording and managing the evolution of financial transactions and other shared data between two or more identifiable parties
  • Choreographing workflow between buyers and sellers without a central controller
  • Supporting consensus between businesses and consumers at the level of individual deals, not a global system
  • Supporting the inclusion of regulatory and supervisory observer nodes
  • Validating transactions solely between parties to the transaction
  • Supporting a variety of consensus mechanisms
  • Recording explicit links between marketplace transactions and smart contract code
  • Restricting access to the data within an agreement to only those explicitly entitled or logically privileged to it

Our priorities

  • Retail industry - revitalize the industry through a self-governing e-commerce ecosystem & community.
  • Local economies - stimulate and support local businesses and entrepreneurship.
  • Consumers - transform the consumers' online shopping experience, while empowering them to support their local businesses and economy.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission - disrupt e-commerce through new, innovative decentralized business model that render centralized business models obsolete.

In today's specialized networks, power becomes concentrated in the hands of a few dominant players, who become increasingly powerful and crushed the hopes of democratization of the internet that many share. At Bleexy, instead of admitting defeat, we decided to reimagine and reinvent the online shopping experience. Our goal is not only to provide the customers with the best and safest online shopping experience, but also to allow online retailers and brick and mortar stores efficiently manage their operations and compete on even grounds with big, centralized marketplaces.

Vision - Our long-term goal is to have a society where wealth and power is created and distributed at local level, where disruptive technologies will make it easier to empower local consumers to support local businesses and local economies.

Bleexy Ecosystem

Product Data Marketplace

Our ambition is to build the largest and most comprehensive product database. In our ecosystem, product data can be added by manufacturers, retailers, third party sellers and individuals.

This product data marketplace is the underlying layer of the ecosystem and its data is available for sale, at UPC level, to Bleexy decentralized marketplace actors and other marketplaces, brands and retailers' websites and apps.

Decentralized Marketplace

We bring together big retailers, third party sellers and brick and mortar stores in a platform that promotes locally available products and local businesses.

It can be divided in local marketplaces that could deliver on all aspects of sustainable development - economic (by providing producers with a profitable route to market), environmental (by cutting down on the pollution associated with transportation), and social (by encouraging a sense of community between buyer and seller, town and country).


Cloud based inventory management for seamless omnichannel and marketplace integration.

See all your sales across all channels at a glance - our dashboard offers a single view of all your orders, both online and offline. Using our dashboard, you can keep track of real-time sales data on the go. Our two-way sync saves you time so you can focus on your business. Inventory is instantly updated when you make a sale, eliminating manual updates, data entry errors and overselling.

Bleexy - a self-governing e-commerce ecosystem & community

The primary grievance about centralized platforms (such as the ones run by Amazon, Google, and Facebook) has to do with the bait-and-switch practice. In their early years, centralized platforms preached fair rules and cooperation. However, once customers adopted their platform, they became economic-tyrants - they used the complete control over their platforms to change the rules as they wished: they suppressed competition, increased fees and modified search results. So, after investing lots of money to build their businesses around such centralized platforms, the users discovered that "it was a trap".

Our e-commerce ecosystem is controlled by the users for the benefit of the users (i.e. self-governing community). We provide Legally Enforceable Guarantees that our platform will be fair to all market participants (and will remain fair throughout its life!). Our rules protect the interests of both the small and the large market participants. In particular, our system guarantees that we will not degenerate into an economic-tyrant and we will not engage in switch-and-bait practices once the system is adopted by market participants.

In a nutshell, our democratic self-governing system provides reassurance to users (e.g. retailers, distributors, traders) that their investments are protected for as long as they choose to use our platform.

Meet Us

Presenting Bleexy to the World at the following events. Meet us, and become a part of the Bleexy community.

World Blockchain Forum - New York

This conference's theme is "Interconnection between technology and human intelligence." This event aims to invite, inform, and perhaps even influence leaders in government, academia, media, and business who may still view blockchain with skepticism.

November 8-9, 2018

Bringing Blockchain to Retail

Retailers increasingly recognize blockchain's transformative ability to streamline operations, ensure product authenticity and enable tighter supply chain collaboration.

July 17th, 2018

2018 Blockchain Technology Forum

At the Forum, government and industry leaders from the U.S. and around the world will present real-world application areas and use cases for blockchain technology through a series of interactive dialog.

July 25th, 2018

TIC Consortium Panel: Blockchain for Government, Military and Intelligence

Come and join TIC Consortium in its third event in Old Town Alexandria on July 31st at 2pm for a panel discussion about applications of blockchain technology for the government, military, and the Intelligence Community.

July 31st, 2018


Argentina Moise

CEO & Founder

Hadrian Zbarcea


Catalin Stefanescu


Andreea Slusarciuc

CEO Bleexy Blockchain Commerce Alliance

Jerry Comanescu, Ph.D. - Esq.

Chief Governance Officer

Barry Glick

Board Member

Larry Roshfeld


Marcel Barbulescu


Technical Advisors

Sai Nidamarty

CEO & Co-Founder, Chainyard

Mohan Venkatamaran

CTO, Chainyard

Isaac Kunkel

Senior VP Consulting Services, Chainyard

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If you have any questions or feedback, we'd really like to hear from you. Reach out to us at any time and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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