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About Bleexy

What is Bleexy?

  • A source of accurate product data content
  • Inventory management to retailers
  • Identity management for retailers and consumers
  • Reputation management
  • A decentralized marketplace
  • An utility token to pay and be paid for services provided in Bleexy network

Our Story

We begin with the idea of a global ledger: a reliable single source. However, in our model, it is not the case that transactions and ledger entries are globally visible. To ensure consistency in a global, shared system where not all data is visible to all participants, we rely heavily on secure cryptographic hashes to identify parties and data.

Principal Features

Bleexy is heavily inspired by blockchain systems, but without the design choices that make traditional blockchains inappropriate for many financial trnsactions. Bleexy provides a framework to run smart contracts with these key activities and features:

  • Recording and managing the evolution of financial transactions and other shared data between two or more identifiable parties
  • Choreographing workflow between buyers and sellers without a central controller
  • Supporting consensus between businesses and consumers at the level of individual deals, not a global system
  • Supporting the inclusion of regulatory and supervisory observer nodes
  • Validating transactions solely between parties to the transaction
  • Supporting a variety of consensus mechanisms
  • Recording explicit links between marketplace transactions and smart contract code
  • Restricting access to the data within an agreement to only those explicitly entitled or logically privileged to it.

Our Vision

We aim to create a platform where traditional product information management meets social media and becomes the largest product data provider in the world. We can deliver product experience, not just product data information. Enabling our platform to everyone that wants to contribute to this experience will help us write a story for each product, a story that will make that product more valuable and desirable.

Using this reach content, we add another layer to the ecosystem, where we build a decentralized marketplace that will connect all the sellers and buyers around the world, bringing prosperity through a shared digital economy.

Use Cases

Specialized Decentralized Marketplaces

Is a marketplace where users can securely and reliably bring their local market business with each other in a digital decentralized environment. The platform encourages users to engage in beneficial cooperation to provide members of the Bleexy Network a comfort of secure and fast platform to sell with their desired items. The Bleexy Rewarding System guarantees that every user who contributes to the creation of the Bleexy Product is rewarded by Bleexy Network Token (BXI). BXI is an utility token which is utilized inside the network for rewarding, selling and hence it facilitates the organic growth of the Bleexy Network throughout the world.

Personal Inventory Management

Stay organized: Know what you have and where to find it. If you have more inventory than you can easily gauge by eye, you may need a technology-enabled solution so Bleexy is one for all.
A tailor-made system: Sellers on our marketplace can migrate their product data from all centralized marketplaces through our Bleexy Connect tool and they can start selling their product data content to other sellers and retailers right away. Using our web based inventory management system, they can also start selling on Bleexy marketplace and have the inventory synchronized will all the marketplaces where they have a presence.

POS (Point-Of-Sale) Integration

With POS Integration, you can connect Point-of-Sale (POS) systems to our Bleexy Connect and Business Information systems to exchange required master and transactional data. The capabilities and strengths of our Bleexy Network, POS and Business Information systems are combined to support flawless sales operations. POS transactions may include all or only selected information from the following list: Sales & returns: Article purchases or returns at the POS. Financial transactions: Those involving monetary flow at the POS without a corresponding movement of goods. Control transactions: Technical information about behavior of the POS.


Bleexy, built to handle and validate thousands of TPS (transactions per second), 24x7, and can scale to handle the same throughput as local markets. There are two aspects of consensus:

  • Transaction validity: parties can reach certainty that a proposed update transaction defining output states is valid by checking that the associated contract code runs successfully and has all the required signatures; and that any transactions to which this transaction refers are also valid.
  • Transaction uniqueness: parties can reach certainty that the transaction in question is the unique consumer of all its input states.


Open-source technology, built on the principles of blockchain with a growing set of validators. Bleexy marketplace is a distributed ledger platform for recording and processing financial transactions, designed to implement its vision. The Bleexy platform supports smart contracts, an agreement whose execution is both automatable by computer code working with human input and control, and whose rights and obligations, as expressed in legal prose, are legally enforceable.

Bleexy uses Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is a business blockchain framework hosted by the Linux Foundation intended as a foundation for developing blockchain applications or solutions with a modular architecture. Hyperledger Fabric allows components such as consensus and membership services to be plug-and-play. While leveraging open source best practices, Hyperledger Fabric enables confidentiality and scalability in business environments.

Permissioned network

Provides collectively defined membership and access rights within your business network

Confidential transactions

Gives businesses the flexibility and security to make transactions visible to select parties with the correct encryption keys

No cryptocurrency

Does not require mining and expensive computations to assure transactions

How Transaction is Validated?

Endorsing peers verify signature & execute the transaction

The MSP is a peer component that allows them to verify transaction requests arriving from clients and to sign transaction results(endorsements) and determines which user is entitled to submit a transaction to that channel.

Proposal responses are inspected

The application verifies the endorsing peer signatures and compares the proposal responses to determine if the proposal responses are the same. If the client application intends to submit the transaction to Ordering Service to update the ledger, the application determines if the specified endorsement policy has been fulfilled before submitting

Client assembles endorsements into a transaction

The Ordering Service does not need to inspect the entire content of a transaction in order to perform its operation, it simply receives transactions from all channels in the network, orders them chronologically by channel, and creates blocks of transactions per channel.

Transaction is validated and committed

The blocks of transactions are “delivered” to all peers on the channel. The transactions within the block are validated to ensure endorsement policy is fulfilled and to ensure that there have been no changes to ledger state for read set variables. Transactions in the block are tagged as being valid or invalid.

Endorsement policies

Endorsement policies are used to instruct a peer on how to decide whether a transaction is properly endorsed. When a peer receives a transaction, it invokes the VSCC (Validation System Chaincode) associated with the transaction’s Chaincode as part of the transaction validation flow to determine the validity of the transaction.


Argentina Moise

CEO & Founder

Adrian Grajdeanu


Catalin Stefanescu

Board member

Andreea Slusarciuc

Director of Outreach Bleexy Blockchain Commerce Alliance

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